is a wireless passenger seatbelt
safety alarm for mini buses from
8 seats up to buses of 60 seats. 

bucklemeup® is a wireless bluetooth passenger seatbelt safety alarm system for buses ranging in sizes from 8 to 60 seats. The wireless bucklemeup cartridge is easily adhered to every seatbelt buckle on the bus and the dash mounted monitor will display the passenger seatbelt status and emit an audible and visual alert if a passenger unbuckles. This eliminates the need for the driver to turn around and check on passengers throughout the journey. 

Example of a 24 seat bus bucklemeup® Monitor with 18 passengers of which 17 are buckled up safely (in green) and one passenger has unbuckled during the journey (in red).

Seatbelt Status:

White – seat not occupied.


Green – passenger safely buckled up.


Red – seatbelt unbuckled during journey.



The application is suitable for various bus sizes ranging from 8-60 seats:

  • Bus Fleets
  • School Buses
  • Mini Shuttle/ Commuter Buses
  • Disabled Persons Commuter Buses
  • Passenger Coaches
  • Mining Buses
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