The development of the bucklemeup® product concept and the technology was originally devised by a group of firemen in the late 1990s who identified a need for more to be done in the area of accident prevention and injuries and fatalities associated with motor vehicles. This was in response to the disturbing number of incidents they experienced involving children who were not properly restrained in the backseats of passenger cars.

Lockliv® Corporation purchased the intellectual property in 2012 around that original product prototype and to date the product has undergone a comprehensive process of further research and development, along with testing to create a new and improved globally patented aftermarket wireless passenger seatbelt safety alert.

This system can be easily fitted to the rear passenger seatbelts of cars and warns the driver of any backseat passenger who is not buckled up at any stage of the journey.

Product Overview

bucklemeup is a revolutionary device that quite simply helps saves lives. bucklemeup is an app enabled wireless seatbelt reminder and alert for passenger cars that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and it’s as easy to install as an e-tag.

bucklemeup lets you know via a FREE app with an audible and visual alert when a passenger unbuckles in the rear seats of any passenger vehicle. Once alerted you can take action to ensure they buckle up again.

Audio – Hear the alert via your Smartphone via the bucklemeup app

You will be alerted by an audible signal on your smartphone via the free bucklemeup app when a rear seatbelt is unbuckled.

Visual – See the signal flash on your Smartphone

As well as an audio signal, the bucklemeup app shows a visual alert directly to your smartphone. Your smartphone will flash a red icon when a passenger unbuckles and similarly, it will flash green to indicate the number of seat belts buckled up. Once green you are ready to go.


Be alerted if you have a passenger buckled in the locked car. The bucklemeup app intuitively lets you know via an audible alert that you have a remaining passenger in the car. *

Easy to order with FREE DELIVERY

Because bucklemeup is designed and manufactured in Australia, it can be ordered via our e-store online and delivered directly to you. Your bucklemeup cartridges will be dispatched to arrive within 2 to 3 working days FREE of charge, anywhere within Australia.

* Bluetooth range is up to 10m. Bluetooth is most effective at the 5m range depending on the environment. Learn more about Bluetooth