“Kids can be a huge distraction in the back seat and I often find myself turning around to check on them. It’s really dangerous.

“I’m a mother of four and I know first-hand how common it is for the kids to take their belts off and I’m often the last to know. I think bucklemeup is a great idea. It’s so easy to use, and at the end of the day there is nothing more important than the safety of your children.”
Lucy Scotts, mother of four, all under 11 years old.

71% of parents admitted I have looked around or looked in the rear view mirror to check if my child is buckled up while driving

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I have two boys aged 5 and 8 and they love to test me. When I received the bucklemeup it was great because at the time the younger one would undo his seatbelt. After putting bucklemeup in the car, they did not dare to undo their seatbelts because they were too scared to get busted.

Christina Savva, Kidspot Product Testing

This product is great. It is easy to set up and makes me feel happy about buckling my 5 year old into the car knowing that it will let me know the second he unbuckles. It is a great asset to any parent wanting peace of mind.

Melanie Graham, Kidspot Product Testing

Thank you for the opportunity to trial the bucklemeup system. I have a 5yo who is very cheeky when we are in the car and loves to undo his seatbelt before we tell him its safe to do so. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to install and how quickly the dash-mounted unit charges. Its also very convenient having the in-car charger in the pack for long trips.

Donna, Kidspot Product Testing

My 5 year old can be a little bit cheeky in the car. A couple of times, I’ve noticed that her seatbelt is undone when we get to a destination. She would have the sash belt across her, but had worked out how to click without the seatbelt unwinding. She thought she was very clever. This product is literally a lifesaver. Not only does it tell me when she has unbuckled, but the noise is a great shock to her.

Morena, Kidspot Product Testing

I was amazed to see how easy it was to install this product. It didn’t take long to do and is so easy to use. Now I know when my children are in the car they are safely buckled up for the whole trip. Doing car pick up in the afternoon, I now know that their seat belts are definitely done up before I enter the road.

Chris, Kidspot Product Testing

I love this product. From the minute I opened it and saw how simple and easy it was to use and install I was impressed. Such a simple but useful safety tool. The instructions are super simple to follow and installation was a breeze.

Olivia, Kidspot Product Testing

bucklemeup was pretty easy to install and the instructions simple to follow. Safety is always top priority in the car and most of the time the kids don’t unbuckle their belts until the car engine is off, but there are times when they have dropped a toy and they unbuckle to get it. bucklemeup is ideal for any driver with kids in the car as your attention can’t always be directed on what the kids are up to in the back.

Peta Miles, Kidspot Product Testing

This product is a great idea to keep my active son safe and it’s very easy to use. My family loved it. My son always unbuckles his seatbelt while we’re driving, I like the idea that it alerts me when my boy is playing around with his seatbelt. It’s the best, suitable for parents with young children.

Huong Nguyen, Kidspot Product Testing